“The women’s basketball league is a blast! I enjoyed meeting new friends while playing some fun yet competitive basketball with a great group of women!” – Lindsay Hunter

“I was looking for a way to stay active during the winter. I knew a few people that had joined the Brandon Women’s Basketball League and I thought why not give it a shot? At first I was quite nervous going as I had literally no experience, but everyone was friendly and very willing to explain the rules and game to me. I had only played organized sports on mixed teams so it was refreshing to play with all women! It was an awesome workout and it was exciting to see myself gradually getting better. It surprised me how much the skill levels varied throughout the league but everyone got equal playing time and were very supportive! It was such a fun experience and I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their skill level!” – Jody Behrens

“BWBL was so much fun! I hadn’t played any basketball since junior high so I was nervous signing up. I was so pumped after my first game! The women who knew what they were doing helped me out and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.” – Shanda Chester